Sunday, October 23, 2011

When the leaves begin to fall.....I love autumn


When the leaves start their transition from green to the gorgeous yellows, oranges and reds which they so excellently accomplish each and every year,.... the chill in the air and the cool wind blowing makes it definitely clear that Autumn has finally arrived. Autumn brings with it one of my favorite seasons of the year. It is bye bye to the sometimes stifling hot, and humid summer temperatures and a big welcome to breathing cool but fresh and comfortable air :-) Yes the days get shorter and colder but some of my favourite colours appear in Autumn. Autumn is a gorgeous time of the year. I appreciate the mood and climate it brings.

Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower.

~Albert Camus
photo by "my hubby"

The first two weeks of autumn this year were just perfect. Lots of sunshine and mild temperatures too. The best weather for outdoor activities and yes, I was out and about enjoying this to the fullest. I love to go for walks along the river or lake. One of the great things about the Frankfurt area are the many river can go for very long walks along the Main river or just relax at one of the many river beach clubs. It gives me this feeling of being home. Me and water is like a never ending love story :-) I come alive each time I am around her :-) Water is my greatest source of inspiration.
Me being a little mermaid at heart, has to do with my growing up in a little coastal town called Limbe (along the Atlantic Ocean in West Africa). When I see a ship, I cannot help but think of my darling daddy. God I miss him so much and it hurts badly even after so many years :-((. As a Ship Captain by profession, my daddy was what I like to call a water rat :-) He was at his best behind the ship wheel steering off to the  high seas. He taught me all there was to know about the wide deep oceans. His adventure stories fascinated me and my love of the sea was greatly influenced by him. 
Now living in a city far far away from any ocean, I see myself being attracted to any form of water be it a river, lake or even a pond :-)) I spend each chance I get going for long walks along the Main River. I love to watch the ships sailing by or just relaxing and enjoying the beach feeling at the beach clubs. This gives me that feeling I always had back in my little coastal town of Limbe. It is kind of a connection to the spirit of my daddy and it makes me feel so good inside :-)) The first two october weeks were just perfect for this.

one of the many Beach Clubs in Frankfurt

at the entrance to the beach club

beach feeling :-))

watching the ships sailing by.......

at another beach club in Frankfurt east river port

the beauty of water.....I can never get enough :-)

a beautiful autumn evening

In this time of the year, nature gives us a spectacular show of colour and richness to enjoy before we are plunged into  the cold and grey winter. I love to take long walks in the park watching the leaves fall and just enjoying the beauty of nature all around me and the day ends perfectly for me,  when I sit and  watch the fading rays of sunshine peeking through the trees, as the sun slowly kisses the day goodbye and quietly goes to sleep in the west.     

the beauty of an autumn sunset

a walk in the park

the colours of autumn

I luv autumn

falling leaves :-)

I love everything about autumn, the falling leaves, cool breezes, pumpkin decorations and the smell of scented candles. Also I love to see how in the shopping malls the stores change so quickly their displays from Beach and Vacation themes into Halloween and Harvest themes and some are even showing off christmas items already.  I love the mood this brings.

I love the wolf head on this halloween :-))

Oh yes, autumn does make me fully aware though, that the season I dread the most (winter) is just around the corner, waiting impatiently to show it´s ugly face.  But hey, for now I won´t waste my thoughts on the inevitable....I will just focus on autumn alone and enjoy her to the fullest :-))) Please don´t get my wrong though, I am fully aware each of the seasons serves an important purpose, but autumn is by far my absolute favorite. 

Wish you all a happy and fun halloween season. Stay cool.

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from "Deutschland" with luv,

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