Wednesday, October 12, 2011

IAA Frankfurt 2011(International Automobile Exhibition)

Men and Cars.


What is this thing between men and cars I often ask myself? The only plausible conclusion is that men by nature are prone to be adrenaline junkies and the sheer speed and thrill of sitting behind a wheel and letting care go to the wind are what they find so absolutely addictive. 

men and cars......

They say that men and cars have a special kind of bonding ....just like the kind shared among the best of friends. My husband(and all men, I believe) have this strange affinity towards cars which I (or women in general) have not been able to decipher so far. It is like a  love relationship which even time fails to decay. Even my 3 year old son is already confirming this principle of men and their love for cars. The boy was barely two years old and he could name pretty much any car by its name...and he is at his happiest when sitting behind the wheel of his daddy´s car....:-))))) He will even pick a toy car over a box full of candy...that´s how crazy he is over cars:-))))

every man has a dream car.......

My hubby is like a kid when it comes to cars and one can just see a twinkle in his eyes at the mere mention of his car`s name. He says there are no words to describe the feeling,... after a long day of work just sitting behind the wheel of your car, turning on the music and just going for a long drive.  Romance is the suitable word I would  like to associate between cars and men:-)). At this point it  won't be too wrong to say that cars are a man's best friend just like the way diamonds are a girl´s best friend :-))). 

.........even the little boys are no exception :-)

Well, if cars for men are anywhere close to the feeling of shopping for clothes, handbags and most of all shoes, then I believe I do kind of understand what this thing is between men and their cars :-))) So to have a better understanding of this bonding there was no better way for me to do this than to accompany my hubby to one of the motor-show highlights of the year. The IAA (Frankfurt Automobile Fair).

The Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA, English: International Automobile Exhibition), also known as the Frankfurt Motor Show or Frankfurt Auto Show, is one of the world's largest motor shows. It was  held on the 15th - 25th September in Frankfurt, Germany.

entrance to automobile exhibitions
Frankfurt Auto Fair grounds

it´s a man´s world........

..........but it aint nothing without a woman in it :-)))

a suspended Jeep

I have magical powers :-))

my baby is in paradise :-)

something for the "big boys" :-)

mercedes had a grandiose exhibition hall

mercedes definately stole the show......everyone wanted to get in :-)
one of the highlights of the mercedes show......very futuristic :-)))

found something cute for the ladies

this is just perfect for a city shopping tour :-)

After a very long, exciting and quite informative day, I can now proudly claim to have a better understanding about "this thing about men and cars" :-)))  It was quite alot of fun though and I did not feel lost like I thought I would being in the middle of a man´s world :-) On the contrary, it was so much fun sharing car talks with my hubby for a change. Hope you all did have fun with me. Stay cool until we meet again......

from "Deutschland" with luv,

click here for more photos of our adventures......

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