Friday, September 30, 2011

My favorite summer festivals 2011.....Part 1/3....

Museumsuferfest (Museums Riverbank Festival).


Frankfurt has a variety of events and festivals going on all year round. There are events for all styles and ages.  I am going to mentioned 3 of my favorites for this summer of 2011.  During the festival period one gets to appreciate a jovial, light-hearted atmosphere in and around the city of Frankfurt. 

festival tents on both sides of the riverbank
enjoying the calm before the storm...:-)

Top on my list is the Museumsuferfest (Museums Riverbank Festival. This annual event is a cultural showcase for the city and presents outdoor art shows, classical music concerts, exhibitions and more. This major festival is one of the biggest cultural festivals in Germany which attracts more than 3 million visitors over a period of 3 days. It takes place yearly at the end of August on both sides of the Main riverbank in the city centre. More than 20 museums are located there and they are all open far into the night. 

best time to visit with kids is during the afternoon....a far lesser crowd

Even the children are naturally not left out. The HR3(Hessen Radio Station) offered a special children program with DJ Bob and also the Children´s Museum of Frankfurt city organized an exciting and thrilling exhibition for the little ones called Light & Shadows. I would advise though you leave the kids home if you plan on visiting the festival grounds during evening and night hours because it is jammed packed.... just like a sea of people :-) 

HR3 offered special program for kids

Furthermore there are special attractions like live-bands, dance shows, clubbing, several booths for crafts, jewellery, clothes and great food from all around the world and the festival ends with a spectacular firework display .

one of the many live-bands

Due to the not so good weather conditions this year, there were slightly fewer visitors but nevertheless it was another successful weekend.

Dark rain-clouds hovering above the skyline & threatening to drown the festival :-)

Even the rain could not stop the folk from partying late into the night..........

a sea of people towards the evening hours

festival at night

not even the rain could stop the party..... :-)

spectacular fire-work display

Wish you all a wonderful weekend.....stay blessed.

from "Deutschland" with luv,

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Autumn Fashion Inspirations..........


Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.  
~Stanley Horowitz

After a wet and not so dry summer, autumn is finally here … I can’t believe that i am actually happy :-). As much as i will miss my sandals ...i will also be happy to cover up a little ..(i am actually a sandals junkie in a cold country!! ).
I really love Autumn, on a warmer day you have the sun shining but rarely is it scotching hot, always with a cool breeze to make it all bearable... if you look at it from the other side of the glass ..its never really ice cold, there is always a little bit of warmth coming through.. but most of all i love the autumn colours.

Autumn colours i believe are colours that complement brown complexions very well, if you chose the right colour depending on your complexion ... you will always have this nice golden glow about you (in my opinion )  :-))

I love the yellow, orange & golden tones mixed with brown, beige and of course the all neutral white for elegance when needed...

Have you ever noticed that a sunset in africa is almost like a page cut out of an autumn book??

Below are some of my inspirations this season, 

My Autumn Romance

Autumn Romance

Are you a chocolate fan???  Well this is my “visit-to-the-chocolate-museum” inspiration......


photo by H&M
Thanks to one of my favorite fashion bloggers (  
i am so going to rock this snake print number from H&M this season
......teamed with my caramel high heel boots & a caramel belt.... i am going to feel as sexy as can be.....Was reading her blog when i came across this dress here
Now this is not typically an autumn outfit ... but who can resist a colour as juicy as this one ... found it in the H&M sale section... came down from 39,99€ to 9,95€ will keep it in my closet for next summer... who knows?? It just might come in handy even before then .....

Also found some decent little numbers in mango...
                                Dress - Mombasa 19,99€      photos by mango                             
Dress - Melange 39,99€
Don’t you just love these juicy colours ??

Wish you all a very colourful autumn season........stay blessed.

from "Deutschland" with luv,

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Natural Monument.....My favorite "quiet time" spot.

Big city life can get kind of hectic sometimes. So escaping from the hustle and bustle and leaving the quick pace lifestyle for a while is something that comes highly recommended by me :-) After a long and intensive or stressful week, there is nothing like some peace and quiet. For me there is no better place for this as out into the nature.

My "quiet time" spot........ The "Vogelsberger See" (lake)with its basalt cliffs

Nature holds all the answers - go outside and ask some questions - open your heart and listen to the response!  
~Amethyst Wyldfyre, 

the interconnected lakes... The "Vogelsberger See" and The "Oberwaldsee"
Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.
~Albert Einstein

One great thing about the Frankfurt Metropole area is, one doesnt need to travel faraway to enjoy the beauty of nature. There are enough beautiful recreation areas right outside the front door. Today we will visit one of my favorite "quiet time" spots.....The "Dietesheimer Steinbrüche" (Dietesheim Quarries). 
This beautiful, peaceful and quiet Nature Reserve with it´s breath-taking lake scenery, is the former basalt quarries in the outlying centre of Dietesheim, which, after basalt mining was given up, was renaturalized and opened to the public. In addition to the largest lakes, the "Vogelsberger See" and the "Oberwaldsee", which are interconnected, there are many other smaller lakes. Particularly impressive are the basalt cliffs with their unique formation, hanging above the "Vogelsberger See" (lake).

The "Dietesheimer Steinbrüche" (Dietesheim Quarries).

the basalt cliffs with their unique formation
Marked trails lead visitors through the recreation area. Several viewing platforms, walkways and shelters, and a steel bridge are also part of the trails. The steel bridge connects two formerly separated quarries. Some riding trails also exist around the quarries. At the edge of the recreation area,  are several club houses and in the summer months, they are often used for club events and parties. of the several viewing platforms

The steel bridge connecting two formerly separated quarries.
on the steel bridge

off the marked trails....walking down to the lake

For a little more adventure we walked off the marked trails for a while enjoying the nature around us and then suddenly we came across this very old wooden bridge.  The bridge had this mysterious look about some creature might be lying underneath, just waiting for the right time to jump out on its prey....:-)) It kind of remined me of the fairy-tale "The Troll Under The Bridge" So, to ease my fears I suddenly had this brilliant idea.:-) I just drifted off to "fantasy-land",.....talking to myself, I was like.......
 "Hey!! this could be such a cool place for a fashion show and the bridge would make a perfect runaway. Hey but one problem though,.. no models around. Hhhhhhmmmm, what now??
Who says runways are for models only??? Well, if that´s the case and since I am no model myself, then I´ll just create my own private show and I`ll call it "Bridge-Walking"..... so with these calming thoughts running through my mind I practically "bridge-walked" my way across that bridge, safely unto the other side:-))) mysterious "Troll-Bridge" :-))))

......bridge-walking my way across the Troll Bridge :-)

Man's heart away from nature becomes hard.  ~Standing Bear

wish u all a peaceful and loving weekend. Stay blessed......

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from "Deutschland" with luv,

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bye Bye Summer of 2011 (a mini-series).....discovering Frankfurt City part 2

Frankfurt from another exciting perspective.


Frankfurt is the only German city with a significant number of skyscrapers. Most of the skyscrapers are located in the western part of the city centre known as the "Bankenviertel"(Bank quarters). The German Federal Bank and the European Central Bank, the Deutsche Börse and well over 300 international banks make Frankfurt am Main the most important financial center in the Federal Republic.

Today we are going up, up, ...up unto the roof of Frankfurt city :-) We are going to see the city from yet another exciting perspective. Our journey leads us to the Main Tower, the 4th tallest building in Frankfurt city. It wasn´t one of those sunny summer days, with crystal clear blue skies. It drizzled and it was gloomy and foggy too but that did not stop us from enjoying the spectacular view from the top.

The Main Tower.....(view from car)

The panorama from the 200 meter high viewing terrace of the MAIN TOWER is regarded as a highlight of any visit to Frankfurt. Since being completed in 2000, the MAIN TOWER has been one of the most outstanding sights in Frankfurt. And one of the most popular. From the viewing terrace you have a view of just about all historical and modern sights: the cathedral and the Paulskirche church, Goethe's House and the Römerberg Square, the Alte Oper (Old Opera House) and the Festhalle (Festival Hall), the Museumsufer with its riverside museums, and the Exhibition Center.
middle in the "Bankviertel" one street away from the Main Tower

With its cultural highlights and first-class cuisine, exciting insights and constantly fascinating panoramas, the MAIN TOWER is not just a special skyscraper, it has also become a true symbol of Frankfurt
The Restaurant on the 53rd floor is one of Frankfurt's most popular address for discriminating gourmets:-))

going up, up, up, unto the Viewing Terrace(54th floor)

view of "Bankviertel"....(Bank Quarters)

view of just about all historical sights along the River Main

 on top of  Frankfurt City.. :-)))

After the exciting view from the top, we decided to go for a walk(do a little sight-seeing) since it had stopped drizzling. We headed down town walking past the "Alte Oper"(Old Opera House), and then a quick stop at the Stock Exchange and finally one last stop to see the The Goethe House.

Alte Oper (Old Opera House)

The "Alte Oper" is one of the classic opera houses in Europe and once known as the most beautiful ruin in Germany. Thanks to civic protests and generous donations the representative building from the Wilhelminian era, which had been bombed down to its foundation walls, was faithfully rebuilt to the original. On 28th August 1981, the inauguration of the Old Opera House was celebrated. Frankfurt Opera is well known by cultural connoisseurs because of its good international reputation

Grand Entrance to the Opera

As next was a quick stop at The Frankfurt Stock Exchange ((German: FWB Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse). This is the major German stock exchange. 

down town walking to the Stock Exchange
The bear and the bull in front of the Exchange.

checking out the bear .....he seems harmless :-)

but the bull....looks kind of aggresive but I aint scared:-))))

africa in da house... :-)))

.........and our last stop for the day is one of the favorite sight-seeing spots in the city. It is the house where the master Johan Wolfgang von Goethe was born. He is considered the supreme genius of modern German literature.
Goethe House

couldn´t resist dis mouth-watering "piece of art". wish I could take a bite :-)

Hope you all did enjoy sharing this exciting day with me. Stay tune for more of my summer adventures........

from "Deutschland" with luv,

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bye Bye Summer of 2011 (a mini-series).....discovering Frankfurt City


I recently relocated from Kaiserslautern  to the Frankfurt am Main Metropole area(Frankfurt-on-the-Main (pronounced ‘mine’)  It being my first summer out here, I was out and about discovering my new home town and its surroundings. In the next days I will be sharing with you some of  my outings.

There is plenty to see in the city Frankfurt am Main . Here, in the city of short distances, you’ll find that most downtown sightseeing attractions are within walking distance of one another. 

The "Eiserne Steg"(Iron Footbridge)

My first stop will be the famous “Eiserne Steg”..... The “Eiserne Steg” (Iron Footbridge) is probably Frankfurt's best known bridge. It is a romantic 19th-century footbridge over the river Main and the first suspension bridge in Europe.  This bridge connects two parts of the city of Frankfurt and allows for easy access to both sides as it is pedestrian only.
me, on the "Eiserne Steg" on the River Main.

 This bridge is also a “Love Lock Bridge”. The custom of locking padlocks in Germany engraved with the names of couples started here at Frankfurt's Eiserner Steg Bridge. According to Wikipedia, the practice traces its origin in China re: "locking a padlock and throwing away the key"  I really loved the 'love locks' on the bridge. It was the first time I've ever seen such locks, and I think it's a very lovely and romantic idea. 
"Love locks" on the Eiserner Steg bridge in Frankfurt.

Love lock engraved with name of couple

Frankfurt City from another perspective

river view of  the Frankfurt Skyline.
There's nothing better than a relaxing and scenic cruise upon the river Main for those interested in seeing Frankfurt's skyline from an entirely different perspective. Frankfurt offers numerous options for little ‘cruises’ and big tours. Directly on the Main quay at the Eiserner Steg, there is the main landing stage and the ticket kiosk of the Primus Line. You can set off on various excursions from this and other landing stages on the bank. On a 50- or 100-minute cruises between the Gerbermühle and Griesheim there are numerous beautiful motifs, for the enthusiastic photographer including the city skyline and the museum embankment.  

one of the tour boats on the landing stage at Eisener Steg

boarding the ship
the unique "Museum Mile" along the banks of the Main river
on board with my baby Louis
Louis exploring the ship
in the board restaurant
enjoying the view of the Skyline

my daling Jürgen enjoying the ride...the tall building in the background is the Main Plaza)

As next we will be seeing Frankfurt from another very exciting perspective, so please stay tuned.

from "Deutschland" with luv,