Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A walk in the zoo !


On this lazy Sunday afternoon, Thomas & I needed to get out of the house, take a walk with our son & get some fresh air. You all know the feeling , you’ve been sitting in the house the whole day , too lazy to go out and so happy you finally have sometime to spend with your family other than having to spend it at work. But after a few hours in the house as a couch potato you realise you need to go out and get some exercise ...uhh... life !
So when Thomas suggested we take a walk in the zoo, i gladly accepted . The zoo in Kaiserslautern is quite small & cozy. It’s really small that many people in Kaiserslautern don’t even know it exists!!!! No matter how small it is ... i really must say it is still beautiful. Lets just say its beautifully small :-))

Unfortunately for us, while we were out there our camera-shutter stopped functioning properly, so we were not able to take as many photos as we wanted. Below are a few photos we succeeded making......

A peacook

Humans ! :-)))))......ha! ha!ha! (my darling Thomas and baby Leon)

Peacock again :-)
A baby!!.....:-)))) ha! ha! ha!............ (my boy Leon)



A Lama and humans :-)))) .................Oh! that´s me admiring the Lama :-)))


more Lamas


an Eagle

more Porcupines

Just as it was getting interesting and we finally approached the african corner, our camera gave up the ghost.....just like that :-((((.....I bet it was scared when it saw these fierce looking giant cats :-))) 

the king of the jungle

a caged tiger :-)))

From this point onward we just quietly enjoyed the rest of the visit. Then as we walked through the zoo, i just couldn’t help but compare it to an african wild park or game reserve ... ...they are worlds apart......
The animals here are kept in  cages while their cousins out there run free in the wild... though the space in some game reserves may be limited, it’s not as limited as it is over here, caged up in a zoo. I do look forward to the day I can finally show my son(when he is old enough) the natural habitat of most african animals....I don´t want him growing up thinking exotic wild animals belong in cages in zoos :-)))) 
Hope you did enjoy exploring the zoo with us. Wish you all a fantastic week and don´t forget to go out and get some fresh air when you can. Stay cool.

from "Deutschland" with luv,

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