Sunday, October 16, 2011

The last warm and very sunny october weekend.....

Shop-hopping Tour


As we are winding down the summer, one finds themselves trying to use up all the warm sunny days wisely ... what is wisely really??  Well, we are trying to take in as much warmth as possible before it gets really cold . On the 2nd of October 2011 was a "Verkaufs Öffener Sonntag" (sunday shopping/sales day) in Frankfurt City, so all the sunday couch potatoes like me ....finally have something to do ..... SHOPPING !!. It was off to Frankfurt city to meet Donna and together we went shop-hopping all day long. 
There I was down town Frankfurt  going about my business with Donna and what do i see?? A Classics Oldtimer Automobile Show middle in the city.....I was like well, well, something for the big boys at home. We decided it was worth a stop for the sake of our die-hard automobile fans, we left babysitting at home :-)).....(more on the Classic Oldtimer Automobile Show coming up in the next post). So for now it is off to the shops.

Lucy all ready to storm the shops :-)))))
Lucy enjoying the last sunshine and jacket free days :-)


The weekend of october 2nd was one of such perfect days(perfect weather) and maybe the last of its kind for this year 2011 :-((  
It was a sunday sales day, like Lucy mentioned already. The sun was shining, the people were merry and so there was nothing like up, out and about....soaking up and enjoying every last ray of sunshine before the dark and dreary winter days set in :-((
There was no better way for us to spend this day than going shop-hopping and checking out the fall/winter mode collection......yes, I know we just can never get enough of the shopping malls :-) We can´t help it though, like I would say in german...."wir sind halt Frauen"(We are just women) :-))))

the shop-hoppers.....Lucy & Donna :-)))

Before our shop-hopping tour began, we made a quick stop at the European Central Bank......who knows??? maybe they might just have some extra cash(Euros) for us to shop till we drop, he he he....... unfortunately for us it wasn´t a working day, so we just had to make do with a photo

European Central Bank
I need a euro....a euro  is all I need, if u give me a euro I will share my story with u :-))))

 Walking down to the shops we walked past the famous 5 star luxury hotel, the "Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof" and the equally popular and "In" restaurant called Oscars.

Lucy at the Frankfurter Hof

welcome to the Oscars, please take a front row seat & enjoy the show:-)

Just a few meters away begins the shopping mile (Zeil). Here we visited our favorite shops Zara and Mango, then we checked out other shops, some new to us like the urban outfitters. 
Later we moved across town, to the "Nord West Centrum" shopping mall where we ended our shop-hopping tour.
first time in here

perfect fall colours... vibrant &colourful

does this match my dress???

yes I think it does match :-))

I love my envelope clutch

I recommend this colour for Fall/Winter

platform heels are not only stylish but very comfortable too

love the colour-blocking style going on here :-)

neutral or nudes is a most have colour for all fashionista

found this very lady-like afro-lady ring holder.....couldn´t resist her :-)
beautiful brown-earth-natural tones...just perfect for Autumn/Winter

 It was a great way to say bye bye to the warm, sunny and jacket free days. Hope you all had fun with us. See you when we get back. Have a lovely week and stay cool.

from "Deutschland" with luv,


  1. Hey I noticed you were looking at those boots on style pantry. They are available on net a porter and I do think they ship to Europe, as I believe they are based in London....good luck on your search.....


  2. thanks Jen S. for the info. I do appreciate.