Saturday, October 8, 2011

My favorite summer festivals 2011.....Part 3/3....

 The "Berger Strasse" street festival

My third and last favorite summer festival is “The Berger Strasse” street festival. This festival is extremely popular and is one of the best street festivals around. The “Berger Strasse”(Berger street) is located in the Frankfurt city district of Bornheim. This is one of the best and most popular streets in the city, filled with cafes, pubs, unique little stores, and a pedestrian area. When you come to Frankfurt, you definitely need to walk through Bornheim and stop for awhile to enjoy this neighborhood and get a real feel for both Germany and Frankfurt.  
This wonderful street festival  is a multicultural highlight, when the lower Berger Street transforms into a party mile for the weekend. It is a more family oriented fest with great live music and good food.

a not yet crowdy "Bergerstrasse"...
about an hour later....getting crowded
me and my afro necklace I got from a steet vendor
dat dress was screaming my name ....I just couldn´t resist checking it out :-)))
see who I found ....sleeping beauty on a bedsheet of roses:-))))

one of the many live bands

To escape for a while from the loud partying crowd, I took a walk to the Bethmann Park with its Chinese Garden situated at the lower part of the Berger Strasse. This is a very gorgeous spot and I was in awe as I walked into this oasis of calm and beauty set right in the middle of a bustling city. Entering the park I could see the walls of the Chinese Garden and also I could hear the waterfall inside the walls. This was the perfect place for me to escape and relax from the loud and partying folk on the street and just enjoy some minutes of  peace and quiet. The garden was landscaped in 1990 according to the age old principles of feng shui, making it the ideal place to sit back, relax and meditate. The 'Garden of Heavenly Freedom' contains pagodas, sculptures and a host of exotic plants, but the undoubted highlights are the Jade Bridge and the Gallery of Aromatic Waters.There is a pond at the immediate entrance into the garden with lots of goldfish in it and some baby turtles swimming around. This was the perfect way to end a long and fun-filled partying weekend. 

in the Bethmann Park
grand entrance into the Chinese Garden
stepping into an oasis of calm and beauty

hill top pagoda

another of the many pagodas

connecting with the goldfish :-))

my boys relaxing by the waterfall

Hope you all did have fun with me too. Wish you all a great weekend. Stay blessed.

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  1. yes we did have fun with you :-)

    i love the cowry shell necklace ... its so afroeuro !!!!