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How to Find Your Best Colours

Pick your magic colour.....

The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most.-John Ruskin


Spring is finally here and it´s time once again to put away the winter jackets and bring out the colourful spring clothings. Like you already know from my last post, fashion wise it´s going to be a very colourful spring/summer season.

Have you ever wondered why that bright orange dress looks super on your girlfriend but not on YOU? Or that red lipstick you saw on your favorite youtube "beauty guru" looked horrible on you?? Do you want to know which hair colour, makeup, clothing, or accessories will look fabulous on you? The answer to these questions according to experts lies in: "Colour Analysis".

colours of the Rainbow......which is the right one for me??? :-))

Do you actually know which colours look best on you?  In my opinion there are two ways you can go about it. Do it all by yourself by following your intuition(Colour Intuition) or follow the experts advice and go with "Colour Analysis". Today i am going to look into both ways and then it´s up to you to decide which way to go, or if at all u need it :-))

Colour intuition is all about having good instincts(photo by  Alice Birkin)

If u are like me, you will just choose and wear your favorite colours. Or maybe you go for whatever colour that gets you compliments without knowing for sure which colours actually make you look your best. I personally don´t see anything wrong with doing the above but according to the "experts" if you have never had colour analysis, you may not know which colours look best on you and you can end up looking a hot mess :-))

The complex structure of "Colour Analysis"

 Before i go off and start exploring the "colour analysis"concept, i just want to say i am personally,  a "Do It Yourself" believer. I just love the excitement that comes with experimenting and discovering my potentials on my own :-)) I never had any colour analysis done at any point in my life. So please don´t feel like you have to go get one just because the "experts" recommend this :-)) Nothing against the experts but i believe no one knows you better than yourself and so you should be the one to decide what best suits you. If you feel comfortable in it and it makes you feel good, just go ahead and wear it... :-))
My favorite colour is orange and i love all colours that come in this hue. I call it my "good mood colour" because my spirit is uplifted each time i wear it and i also look good wearing it.... :-))

me in my all time favorite colour "Orange"

i can never get enough of my "good mood" orange :-))

Over the years i did experiment with different colours and with time i kind of figured out what colours work best for me. I mostly used my intuition and i also just followed my instincts. I once read an article on "Colour Intuition" and i immediately recognised myself in it. It said something like everyone who has a favorite colour does have colour intuition. The great thing about colour intuition is, there’s no particular skill involved in acquiring it. You dont need any expert consultation to understand it. It’s not learned. There’s no class you can take. You just have it because it is an inborn ability. So how do we tap into our colour intuition? Quite simply by just following our instincts.
What are the colours that immediately catch your attention when you walk into a shop?? What colour does call out your name each time you walk pass your favorite shop window?? Take a look into your closet....what colour does dominate in there??  What colour does your favorite dress have?? What about your living space, ....what colour do you find over and over again? If you had the powers to create a rainbow just the way you wish a rainbow to be, what colours would you use??? If you did have answers to all these above questions then you sure know what colour intuition is all about... :-)) Colour intuition is all about having good instincts. 

i luv all colours in the orange hue. If orange is too strong for you then go for the lighter hues like peach

or maybe coral

or maybe a floral print......the possibilities are endless :-))

Don´t be afraid to experiment. When it comes to colour, most of us won´t dare go out of our comfort zones. The older we get the less adventurous we get. The neutral shades are mostly all we go for but i dare you to be adventurous no matter what age.  Experimenting will open up possibilities you never could imagine for yourself. Go for colours that make you feel alive. Who says you are too old for bright and vibrant colours?  Create your own style, do you and don´t be a fashion victim who only copies what is in fashion. Most often what is in fashion might not suit you personally. Find your own personal style and make your own rules.  Always remember fashion should be fun! fun! fun:-)) Remember what fashion legend Yves St. Laurent said: “Fashion fades. Style is eternal.” Your favorite colours are part of your style. My personal style is like my second signature. I always stay true to it ... :-)) It reflects who i am and how i feel. Paris Hilton once said "The only rule is don’t be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in.” — (Yes, Paris Hilton! said this and how right she is -;))

you could even go blue.....

or why not even brighter....yellow!! :-)))

So Listen to your instinct when finding your best colours and you just cant go wrong and this applies to lots of other things too and not just colour and clothing.
If after reading all this and you still feel like i cannot do this by myself...i need some help in figuring out this colour thing, then maybe you are a candidate for the experts afterall :-)). Colour analysis may help bring in more light for you.

if you want to play safe, then go for the brown and beige

or ethno prints and animal prints

So what is colour analysis??? According to wikipedia, Colour analysis, also called skin tone colour matching, personal colour or seasonal colour, is the process of finding colours of clothing and makeup to match a person's skin complexion, eye colour, and hair colour. It is often used as an aid to wardrobe planning and style consulting. Colour analysis is the process of determining the colours that best suit an individual's natural colouring. There are a wide variety of approaches to analyzing personal colouring. The most well-known is "seasonal" colour analysis, which places individual colouring into four general categories. (click here to read more on what Colour Analysis is about).

The first time i came across Colour Analysis was through a book by Carole Jackson, called "Color Me Beautiful" (1980 edition).  I was! what a fascinating concept. Color Me Beautiful has made lots of women more confident in choosing their clothing and makeup, and is the first step for most women who are interested in making their clothes work for them. Sadly though, it's not perfect. The colour groupings work very well for blonde and brunette Caucasian women, light-skinned women of African descent, and women of eastern Asian descent, but don't work very well for dark-skinned women of African descent like myself :-((
If, however, you're interested in colour matching, this book is the first and best step. Invest in it before you get your colours done by a professional; you may find you don't need to spend the extra money :-)) For those in Germany interested in this book click here to get a copy.  (for those outside germany just do an Amazon search in your country).

or you can even go black if you want to be reserved :-))

After reading this book my interest for this concept grew and i went online for more information.But the more i read about it i realised it is not only a very complex but also a complicated concept and quite tricky to understand. To be honest, sometimes i felt like i was trying to understand rocket science....yes, that complex :-)) To make matters worst, the experts even make it more confusing for us because they all have different opinions when it comes to applying this concept.
When reading i had a hard time identifying with this concept. I would say, it is far easier for a Caucasian lady to identify with it compared to a dark skinned afro lady like myself. The colour group descriptions are too caucasian-centric. After lots of online research on how this concept applies to africans, i finally came across some informations that could be of help to my fellow dark skin sisters :-))

but hey! we are going to stick to colourful and vibrant.....that is our style for sure :-)))

it was my birthday on the 24th of March and who says age has got anything to do with colour..... :-))

Below are some of the information i personally found helpful. To save you the trouble and the headache i went through during my research, i tried to stay away from the complex and complicated explanations :-)) I also took into consideration my fellow dark skinned sisters. I hope this information gives you a sense of direction of what type of colours (cool, warm, deep, light, clear, muted) look fabulous on you. Hope it helps bring in more light into finding that colour or colours that do the magic for you. Remember it should be fun! fun! fun! and at the end of the day you and you alone can decide.... you make the rules!! Enjoy the reading and have fun while at it :-))

my partner in crime was there to celebrate with me... :-)))

35 years young an yes, i still love my colours......colour never ages :-))

  • Are you interested in general information on "How to Find Your Colours". Click here to know more.

  • Are You an "Afro" lady wearing the Wrong Colours? Click here to find out how to change this :-)) 
  • Do you want to find your colours no matter your Ethnicity" (something for my "deep chocolate sisters" :-))) Click here to find out more. 
  • Do you want to Analyze Yourself and Find Your Accurate Colour Palette? Click here and here to find out how.
  • Are you an "Afro" lady trying to determine your own season? It might help seeing some sample analysis. Why not check out these celebrity analysis done by blogger and certified color analyst, Jeanine Byers Hoag.(click here for the analysis)

    Are you a youtube fan?? Click and watch the below video to see what one of my favorite "Afro" beauty guru has to say on this concept. Or check out her blog for more information on this concept. (Click here)

Hey, i hope you did have fun with me exploring the world of colours. So what are you waiting for??...go ahead, and apply some of this aquired knowledge in choosing those colours for spring and summer. Wish you lots of fun and stay cool as always until we meet again.

from "Deutschland" with luv,

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Easter Break 2012......"Holiday Inspiration"

"La Isla Bonita".....(The beautiful Island)

Easter Holiday Inspiration......the beautiful spanish island of Mernoca.


As the days grow longer and the sun shines brighter, one can’t help but think of the holidays. After the long, cold & dreary winter we just had, one really needs something to get back the positive energy.
Say a holiday on a beautiful mediterranean island......basking in heavenly sunshine at the beach, & the ocean breeze blowing through your hair. Walking bare feet in the sand like you have no care in the world.......hhhmmm!!! what a feeling :-)

walking bare feet in the sand........what a feeling !!!! :-)))

The Easter break provides a rare opportunity for the whole family to get together and have some fun, so why not make the most of it? The Easter break is celebrated with flair in Spain. Lots of "Fiestas" celebrations throughout the country. This creates a very lively and pleasant atmosphere with lots of great outdoor activities to enjoy and plenty good food :-))

"Fiesta de Sant Joan"...... Menorca`s famous folks celebration

Hey, so what are you waiting for? Go on guys, book your holiday if you haven’t booked it by now. It’s always the best time to get the great deals, unless you’re the adventurous & spontaneous kind that prefer to book last minute deals.The kind who walks into the airport with a packed bag, looks up the deals & hops on to the next plane...sounds cool too, but hey.. why not? 

My Holiday Inspiration for you today is the beautiful island of Menorca (Minorca) in Spain. The first time i was here i had this song from Madonna "La isla bonita" constantly in my mind. As a little girl i use to dance to Madonna´s song and dream i was on a spanish island, just like in the video clip. It felt like a dream come true stepping foot on this little gem of an island...... :-)))

....the Island of Pleasant Breeze.

Smaller and quieter than its famous neighbour Mallorca, Menorca is the second largest of the Balearic islands. Situated just 34 km / 21 miles from Mallorca , the island of Menorca has many family-friendly resorts and almost as many beaches as Mallorca and Ibiza combined. Peaceful holiday resorts line the south coast of Menorca and a string of quiet fishing villages are along the island´s rougher northern shore.

It has a current population of around 68,000. Compared to its neighbor island Mallorca, it is of course lesser in size and has a more hushed environment. This is probably the main reason why many wholesome family holidays are geared towards this tranquil island. It follows that a lot of family-friendly resorts are situated in the island, most of them at the southern shoreline. Ironic as it may seem, despite its smaller size among other Spanish islands, the number of beaches that Menorca has equals the number of beaches that can be found in Mallorca and Ibiza combined. Over the years, Menorca has undergone very minimal changes. It has certainly been sheltered from the effects of development. It has successfully avoided becoming a full-blown urbanized and tourist-stricken land mass. (Source:

a yacht paradise

While we were there, we stayed in Binibeca on the south east coast of Menorca and a 15 mins drive from the airport. It is famous for its beautiful white washed houses and great views. It is perfect for couples or families wanting a quiet relaxing holiday. 

The beautiful binibeca village with the white washed houses.

One can hire a car to drive around the island and visit the different tourist attractions, most of which are a short distance from the beaches & the coves. The bus transport system is also quite flexible if you prefer that. Having a car actually made it easy for us to go sightseeing without necessarily having a guide to take us around .
Unfortunately i can not exhaust all the attractions in detail, thats why i’ll list them with a few pictures to give you an idea.. You know the saying "a photo speaks volumes”

Below are some of the attractions we saw......

Cala en Porter: Very famous for its cave disco... "Cova de’n Xoroi"

terrace with sea view

entrance into famous cave disco "Cova de’n Xoroi"

the cave disco....."Cova de’n Xoroi"

outside view of cave disco

El Toro mountain : the highest mountain on the island.( 357m high)

If the weather is good/ clear one can actually see the island of Mallorca from the top of the mountain...:-)

El Toro mountain

Fornells beautiful harbour 

Platja de cavalleria:  One of the small secluded beaches  

Cap de Cavallerias: light house at the northern tip of Menorca

One of the land marks of Menorca – the famous windmill  that was later transformed into a restaurant in Es Mercadal

Ciutadella  on the west coast.
It was the capital city of Menorca until the 18th century, was also the city for the noble & the bishops!

Mahon the Capital city of Menorca.

Here we went to the Fortress la mola, walked about in the city center, checked out the local curio shops & local arts and crafts.
We also took a coastal tour of  Menorca. We took a cruise from the natural harbour in Mahon in a glass bottom boat which was quite a thrill for us. 

Hope you got some inspiration by now,.....just think sun, relaxation, and lots of positivity!
If you need any more information on menorca, below are some of the internet sites i found in a travel guide..

There is a Menorcan legend that says, the wind of menorca modifies the personality of the people. Maybe that is the reason why those who go there mostly return..... :-) My hubby is in love with this island and cannot get enough of it :-))

....cheers!!  to a great Easter Break

Happy booking & cheers ! Tell me about your experience if you happen to visit the island :-) I will be off now but i will leave behind one of my favorite songs as a little girl.....La isla bonita" from Madonna. Enjoy and let your spirits be carried away to that spanish island : -))) Stay cool as usual until we meet again.

click here for more photos of our adventures.......

from "Deutschland" with luv,


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Spring Awakens"....

Spring/Summer hottest colour trends

Even though it isnt yet officially spring and the weather is still playing winter games out here, it did not stop me from checking out the shops to get some spring/ summer inspirations . With the warmer temperatures comes a bunch of  the latest and greatest colour trends for spring/summer 2012. Fashion wise, this season is nothing without colours :-)) This feels so good to know, just my kind of world :-) I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE SEASON TO BEGIN....bring in the colours!!!!!! :-)

When it comes to fashion colours i always get my inspiration from nature. My top favorite inspiration sources are an African Sunset/Sunrise, a Safari park and the wide blue Oceans. My favorite colours(Orange, Animal prints, Beige, Brown and Blues) reflect these sources. 
Orange reminds me of an african sunrise/sunset, ...the power of the sun....the Solar Power radiates warmth which is stimulating, enticing, energizing and puts one in a cheerful mood.
Beige, brown and animal prints (especially leopard &  giraffe prints) makes me think of a Safari park. The neutral tone(beige, brown) of the earth and the animals running wild (animal prints) and Blue is for the Ocean, deep, peaceful and calm.
Since i moved to europe colours now play a very significant role in my life. I wear colours that have a story to tell and also keep me connected to my roots. I also wear colours according to my mood. If i am missing the warmth of the sun badly, i will definately reach for orange. When i miss the sound of the waves crashing on the beach or i want so badly to smell the ocean breeze, i go for blue :-))

"i love the feeling when i walk into a fashion house" of my favorite shops in Frankfurt city.

I was out and about last week checking out what the season has in store for us this year. All around in the shops it was clear to see, it´s going to be a bright and very colourful season. Walking through the shops i felt so alive. It felt like a rainbow just dropped down from the sky and sent out strong bursts of colours all around me :-)) I could see colours from bright hues of sunburst yellow to Pastel tones in apricot to shocking pink, tangerine orange,  aqua, teals , peacock blues to vivid deep blues as well as soft shimmering golds and abstract floral prints. I also noticed the oriental feeling and ethno prints is big this year.
The hottest colour shades for spring 2012 are definately,....Pastel colours including the trendy Mint, Citron yellow, Kelly Green, Blue, Tangerine(orange), and Coral pink.

soft shimmering golds

love this coral print dress

Pastel colours, these colours are going to be big this season. Pastel colors are colors that are light, from light colored pinks, blues, yellows, greens and browns. The fashion world is kind of obsessed with it this season. My favorite of the bunch is the trendy Mint colour. Mint is a lovely mix between blue and green. I love the frosty and fresh nature of this tone. I think this colour is a great way to help jump start the spring season :-)) It has this freshness about it that puts one in the spring mood. Mint is a hue that is sure to make your spirits soar :-) 

Spring fashion is all about colours.......

Mint is a lovely mix between blue and green.

Citron yellow, a gorgeously vibrant shade of yellow. This unusual hue is very bold, refreshing and has an uplifting character. I would describe it as zesty.

Kelly Green, The name kelly green originated in Ireland. The name derives from the fact that the surname Kelly, as well as the color green, are both popular in Ireland. This bright green shade is definitely a head-turner this season.

Blue, a classic maritime hue, brings peace and calmness to mind just like a calm blue sea.

love this classic blazer in blue

Coral Pink, no list of spring colour trends would be complete without some pink, and this season’s most popular hue is a bright pink shade with a hint of orange. This sensual colour is an excellent choice for summer clothing and cosmetics too. My second favorite colour :-) Coral pink is an attitude colour :-)

Tangerine.....Colour of the year 2012
Tangerine.....Colour of the year 2012

Tangerine Orange- "a juicy orange hue"- My all time favorite colour. This spring is definately an orange one for me like always:-) I like, no i love me some orange. I love orange in all hues from terra cotta, peach, to rust and burnt orange. Orange is not only my favorite colour all year round but also the colour that best compliments my skin tone. I call it my "good mood colour"...especially in winter i use orange to uplift my mood when it´s freezing cold outside :-)) So if you are like me, then orange is definately the colour for you. Lets face it there is no other colour that can make a bold and loud fashion statement as orange :-)) Orange is feminine and flattering but also bold and assertive. How excited i was when i read orange was named colour of the year 2012.

Pantone named tangerine tango the color of 2012.  This is what Pantone has to say about this colour "Tangerine Tango, a spirited reddish orange, continues to provide the energy boost we need to recharge and move forward. 
“Sophisticated but at the same time dramatic and seductive, Tangerine Tango is an orange with a lot of depth to it,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. “Reminiscent of the radiant shadings of a sunset, Tangerine Tango marries the vivaciousness and adrenaline rush of red with the friendliness and warmth of yellow, to form a high-visibility, magnetic hue that emanates heat and energy.”

a floral print silky blouse

love this ethno print

I also noticed abstract prints and floral prints are big this year too. The oriental feeling and Ethno prints are also in, this season. For me no season is complete without the neutral colours. The perfect neutral colours are just one of those things that never go out of style. I love combining the neutrals with colours. Neutrals bring out the best in the colours around them and create a richness that’s undeniable.

Rocking this season’s hottest shades is a surefire way to stay on trend but hey don´t go breaking the bank with a complete new spring/summer wardrobe — first check out if you don´t already have these shades or pick out just a new piece or two in one of the colours. I personally always have key pieces in my favorite colours. Each new season i just get a new piece or two, then mix and match them with what i already own.   I just mix and match them differently each season to create an entirely new look :-))This way you’ll always have a completely updated wardrobe but without a high price tag :-)))

Please also bear in mind, regardless of what the trendy colours are, there are some shades that are going to look good on you, and some that aren’t. The fact is, no colour looks good on everyone, so please dont just go ahead and follow the trend blindly. It’s really important to know what your perfect colours are, or you risk looking completely messed up!  Finding your perfect colours has to do with your colouring...your eye colour, hair, and skin tone and how they combine to give you a look.
Your colouring also makes all the difference whether you can wear gold or silver jewelry, whether that tangerine (orange) dress top will look fabulous or horrible on you, and even what shades of makeup you can pull off. For those of you who still have a problem finding the shades that best suit you, watch out for my next post. I will do a post on finding your perfect colours.

this is on my wish list for this season...........i love floppy hats and the colour is so me.

Do you have a problem with mix matching and finding a pefect combination to wear. Or do you just want some inspiration on what to wear this season? I will suggest you go through fashion magazines and get some inspiration or if you are like me and love online shopping, then go on an online shop-hopping tour :-)
Most online shops have online cataloques you can go through to get inspired or better still order the cataloques and go through them in the comfort of your homes :-)) The great thing about  Fashion Cataloques is, you can take your time at home and go through them and put together the looks you want to go for and when you are ready, you place your order...or you just simply use them as a source of inspiration.
For those in Germany(sorry in German only) here is a list of my favorite online shops with Fashion Cataloques. Just click and order a free cataloque(no postage fee too)and get inspired from the collections.

H&M Online shop....(click)
Impression Online shop......(click)
Eleganze Online shop......(click)
Heine / Apart Online shop.....(click)
Alba Moda Online shop..... (click)

For those outside Germany, i am pretty sure your favorite online shops do offer these too. Ask your friends or do an online search to find such shops.

Remeber there are no fix rules when it comes to fashion.  I make my own rules and i wear what i like. I see trends just like guidelines and so i don´t follow them to a T :-)) Be your own master and make your own rules. Experiment and find your own style and wear what makes you feel should be fun and not a duty. So what are you waiting for....let the fun begin:-))

Spring fashion will burst out with vivid colours...

Hope you got some inspiration for the coming season. Stay cool as always until we meet again.

from " Deutschland" with luv,