About us

Donna and Lucy are the ladies behind this blog. We are not only best buddies but also sisters-in-law. Living in an interracial marriage does come with it´s challenges. Unfortunately one encounters lots of misunderstanding and even prejudice from “potential” friends. We are very lucky we have each other and we live a very similar lifestyle..... It makes the friendship quite easy-going, relaxed and rewarding.

Donna was born and grew up in a beautiful  little coastal town called Victoria in Cameroon(West Africa). The sea was my first love and I come alive each time we meet. I presently live with my beautiful and loving intercultural family in good old Deutschland(Germany).....

Lucy was born and grew up in Kampala the capital of Uganda (East Africa). Coming from an ecclectic family that seemed eccentric to some... i learnt at an early age to keep an open mind .I presently live with my beautiful & intercultural family in Germany as well.

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