Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oldtimer City 2011

"Oldies but Goldies!" 

Donna & Lucy.........

Ok, we are back as promised with more on the classic oldtimer automobile show we stumbled upon during our shop-hopping tour on the weekend of 2nd October 2011 in Frankfurt City.

In connection with the "Sunday Shopping" day this was the seventh edition of the successful action "Oldtimer City" held in Frankfurt City. It was a five days show and this year under the motto "Oldies but Goldies!"

The show attracted many curious visitors (like us) and lots of car enthusiasts. The weather was perfect and the mood was just right :-) So we had a pretty good time admiring the "old beauties" and asked lots of questions so we are well informed and can later impress our men back home with our newly acquired knowledge on classic cars :-))

talking about horse power.......:-))

Walking away from the show heading towards the shopping mile, we came across this eye-catching, beautiful and exclusive power engine. We marvelled at its beauty and could not resist adding her to our repertoire even though she isn´t an oldtimer.


Having discovered my love for classic cars and my hubby being a big fan of them, we also visited another show this time in my home city of Kaiserslautern. I guess cars to some men are like shoes to women ... one can never really have enough of them. If you can’t have it you will still take time to admire it, and that’s just what we did. Below are some of the cars we saw; 

Then i saw one that i found quite interesting... to be honest i was more interested in what the car was advertising :-) ....... I actually did pay them a visit.

The Perfume Outlet.....also has a small perfume museum

Hope you all did have fun with us going back in time with the classics. Wish you all a great week. Until we meet again, stay cool.

click here for more photos of our adventures.

from "Deutschland with luv,

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