Thursday, October 6, 2011

My favorite summer festivals 2011.....Part 2/3....

 Afrika Tag (Africa day) in Maintal


Next on my list is the  African Culture Festivals. This summer I had the chance to visit an “Afrika Tag”(Africa day) event organized by the city of Maintal which is about 12 kms away from Frankfurt City. It wasn´t a very big event compared to the african festival in Frankfurt but I enjoyed the colourful and vibrant nature of the event. I mostly  enjoyed the positive exchange of cultural aspects between the africans and germans. The event ended with live music and a very colourful inter cultural dance/fashion show. It was a truely afro meets euro event. 

live music from a west african band

dancing fashion show

me and some of the ladies

even the kids had lots of fun

afro meets euro

Africa Festival Frankfurt

As next, I attended the African Festival in Frankfurt. This three-day event celebrates all aspects of the vibrant and colourful African cultures. The festival strives to cater to everyone, and there was something for all the family to enjoy here including handicrafts stalls, traditional food and drink and live African music, drum and dance performances taking place on an outdoor stage. Unfortunately, it started raining and so I could not stay longer to watch the live music which is the highlight of the day. Well, I will definitely be back next year to make up for this lost chance.

checking out the stalls

check out the "fortune-teller lady" in the backgound. I wonder if she could see my future :-))))
very spicy african spice :-)

 Hope u all did have a fun day with me. Please stay tune and when I return we will be visiting one more of my favorite summer festival 2011. Stay blessed.

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