Monday, September 5, 2011

More than just it all began

Lucy’s story

Donna & I met in a german language school one wet & cold wintry day. That was the only sunshine that shone my way on this day. As foreighn students in Germany, we had to do the language test in order to join the university, which required visiting a language school on a daily basis.
After 2 months of having to speak my meagre german & using sign language to comunicate with my other classmates, i was really happy to be able to talk to someone without the need of a translator.My classmates came from all over the world, Cuba,Columbia,Romania,Mexica,Russia,Cameroon,Ethiopia & later America & Ireland.

We were introduced to each other by another english speaking student  from Kenya(Vicky) in the same school. Like most students learning a foreign language, we kept in contact with people who spoke a language we understood & helped each other out. Our friendship grew stronger with time after we realised that we had quite a number of interests in common.

Donna´s side of the story

Donna and Lucy at the confirmation party 2004(the beginning of a great friendship)
Like Lucy mentioned was a cold and wet, wet day in autumn 2004 , when our paths crossed for the very first time.  We both just arrived Germany and were attending the same language school. We were both in different classes and so had never met until this fateful morning. It was a morning like most others, it was cold and dull with nothing to look forward to except some long hours learning a language which back then seemed impossible to ever understand let alone speak it It was during break-time I meet Lucy for the very first time. She came over to my class to say hello to Vicky  and I was sitting next to Vicky. Vicky introduced us and I said “Hello” and Lucy said “Hi”. We never really got talking on this first meeting, I guess we pretty much just mentally checked each other out to see if we could be potential friends:-). After this very brief meeting, we did not see each other for a while. After some weeks like fate will want it we both got invited by Vicky´s cousin to a confirmation party. This time around we got talking and realised we had quite a lot in common, and the rest like the saying goes is history......:-) 
8 years later and we are still going strong.....
Eight years down the road and our frienship just keeps growing . Today we are not just best friends but also family(sisters-in-law) doesn´t get better than this. I am one  lucky lady and very happy too to have Lucy in my life.
today we are not just friends but also sisters
(click here - you can see a photo journey of our friendship through the years)

from "Deutschland" with luv,

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