Saturday, September 10, 2011

Afro meets Euro ......The weddings... 2 continents(part 3 of 3)

Wedding in africa 
Church wedding in Uganda

Eight months later we had our second wedding in Uganda. This was different in that we got married in church as opposed to the civil registry ceremony in Germany. We also tried to bring out the afro-euro spirit by having african decor with a european touch.

The church in Kampala- Uganda
Living abroad meant that we had to rely on my friends and family to plan the wedding in kampala. This they did so well blending all our tastes & flavours to our satisfaction.We had a “small” wedding according to ugandan standards of 200 guests.

We started out with the obligatory studio shots before proceeding to the church ceremony in a small church in the suburbs of kampala.

yes I do again :-)

may you take this ring again as a symbol of our love :-)
what God has joined together let no man put asunder

Studio shots:


Lucy and her darling sisters

“A little my-time” (time to relax before hosting the guests to a reception): After the church, the bridal entourage went to a resort by the lake for another photo shoot and a little “ our time”.
"Our time" photo shoot by the lake-side with the maid of honor(Florence) & grooms-man(Henry)
"Our time" -having fun with Safie at Lake-side photo shoot

cutting a heart out at the entrance to the reception

 Cutting a Heart out: With the photo shoot done  we proceeded to to Okapi Gallery gardens for the main reception
afro-euro style outdoor reception

Our reception was an outdoor reception with many round tables covered in yellow & white & gold plus gourds, painted yellow and gold to bring in the african touch as well as "kikoyis" used as table runners.

 Giving the most appreciated friend/s or family members a cake each:  As a sign of appreciation the couple always gives a cake to either both families that of the bride and that of the groom or to particular family members & friends. In our case we gave one to the mother of the bride, one to the wedding planners, one to Lucy’s family and another was put aside for Thomas to take back to his family in Germany!!
giving Lucy`s mother one layer of the cake as a sign of appreciation
Lucy serving cake to her friends as a sign of appreciation

Click here to visit Lucy and Thomas wedding site.

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  1. I so love your cake topper! Pretty cool.

    And the blog too, i can see how your sons will adore this when they grow older...

    Kudos to you sisters (am jealous, lol)

  2. Thanks Florrie we really appreciate !