Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Afro meets Euro ......The weddings... 2 continents(part 1 of 3)

Wedding in europe  
on the search of my "pirate prince"

I believe every little girl sometime in life does have a  fantasy about prince charming or a dream of  finding her prince charming. As far back as I can remember, I did have a clear “mind photo” of my prince charming......he was tall, with dark hair, very captivating blue eyes and very daring with a rebellious nature like a pirate. Oh yes, I even spent days pondering over what our lives together will be like....lots of fun, adventures and a lovely family to make it complete.  Two decades later, after a roller-coaster ride in matters of the heart, I actually finally found him.

I finally found him my daring and rebellious pirate prince :-)
8 months after living my home country Cameroon (west africa) and moving to Belgium (europe), I met my boyfriend(now husband). The first time I saw him, it was like I was back in my dreams. He was everything I had imagined and fantasized about  all those years. Normally I am one very self confident lady who never fails to find the right words in every conversation(oh yeah, I am one chatter box) But just one look from him and I was lost, completely speechless. The lady of many words practically lost her voice and was so uncertain and nervous. No man before him ever made me feel so uncertain,confused and insecure all at once. Actually, he broke the ice, he walked in my direction and then he smiled and boy was I relieved and thankful and happy all at once....so many emotions running through me and I could feel my heart pumping like a race driver on full speed :-) I  tried to put myself together as quickly as I could, emotions under control,  head up and I looked straight into his eyes and smiled back at him.  He had the most mesmerizing eyes I had ever seen....(a green-blue colour mixture). Somewhere deep inside me I could hear my little girl voice say to me....”yes!!!! Donna we finally found him”.... I crossed my fingers and prayed silently, please let this be the beginning of my dream coming true. 
Mr and Mrs
This was in the summer of 2003. A few months later I left Belgium and moved over to Germany to live with him. Four years later, on the 14th of September 2007, we got married on holidays, on a  peaceful little danish island called Rømø
It wasn´t your usual wedding with flowers, white dresses and ball gowns, little flowers girls and the exchange of rings; instead it was a very quiet and private ceremony.
I wanted it this way because a typical wedding would have brought up too many emotions I was not ready to bear. I always wanted my dad giving me away on my big day but that was no longer possible.Like fate wanted it I lost both my parents and my only brother way too soon. So a big wedding without them would have been more a torture than celebrating for me. So, a quiet and private  holiday wedding was the perfect solution and I am so happy my husband was so understanding and very supportive and the rest of his family too. Besides, they were not completely left out from celebrating because two years before we were all part of a big white wedding.  So, enough of the low mood....now over to some celebrating the typical way.....a big, white wedding!!!!!
Like most of you already know by now, Lucy is not only my friend but also my sister-in-law. So we still had the chance to celebrate with the rest of the family a big white wedding. It was an immense pleasure for me (with the help of my hubby) to have the honour of planning and organizing Lucy´s big day. 
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watching some flying dragons at the Romo Island beach

enjoying the endless long beach......
peaceful and quiet holiday home
the bride to be......(a little secret: I was almost 4 months pregnant:-)

playing around and waiting for the ceremony to begin...
I was so excited
the last photo as Miss Njang :-)

..........continuation on part 2......

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