Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bye Bye Summer of 2011 (a mini-series) visit to Bad Dürkheim & Dino Park KL

This summer has been an exciting and  fun-filled summer with all it’s rewards. In the coming days we will be sharing with you some of  the highlights of our last days of summer 2011

Although the weather hasn’t been as good as it was last year, the people we’ve had around us have made up for it.
I’ve had 2 milestones this summer, one is that i’m finally a mum & the other is sharing my “mum-hood” moments with my mum & the rest of my family here in Germany.
Her presence meant so much to Thomas & I that we decided to have a mini tour of  a few cities in Germany.
The last time she was here was 1999, a ‘Germany-tour-refresher’ is definitely what the doctor ordered. 

First on our list was "Bad Dürkheim". 
This is a small spa city which is famous for its big wine barrel that was turned into a restaurant .

Lucy´s hubby(Thomas) & her mum(Miss B) heading to the barrel restaurant

infront of the famous " Dürkheimer Riesenfass "(Giant Barrel)  restaurant
Thomas and Miss B in the "Giant Barrel" garten

inside the giant barrel

Lucy and mum enjoying the peaceful city center
Next to the Wine barrel restaurant are a number of thermal baths, and beautiful gardens in the surrounding parks.
A visit to this city is always worth your while, you will then understand why so many people prefer to retire in a spa city.

in one of the many parks

Back in Kaiserslautern we decided to visit the Dinosaur Park
What a lovely surprise when we got there...we found an ongoing exhibition about african fine arts.
Exhibition on african Fine Arts
my mum enjoyed the exhibition
Lovely sunny weather is actually a luxury in Germany ... it is something that we’ve all learnt not to take for granted .... so on this one sunny afternoon we decided to pay the park a visit ... you could sit in any park.... but how many have one with Dinosaurs as a backdrop??? 
checking out the dinos

gosh! those legs....:-)
Miss B(Lucy´s mum) getting up close and personal with a mammoth from ice-age :-)

The Straubmüllers after a long and fun day
It was a very long but rewarding day and we couldn´t wait to get home and plan for the next trip. See you soon on our visit to the beautiful roman city of Trier.

from "Deutschland" with luv,

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