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Afro meets Euro ......The weddings... 2 continents(part 2 of 3)

Wedding in europe  
Civil Registry in Kaiserslautern
When one talks of a wedding i think love, romance, family, friends, cake, champagne,music and all things sweet.
Looking back on our beautiful  weddings,Thomas & I feel fortunate that we were able to have classy & elegant wedding celebrations in two different  continents.Given that both our families live miles away from each other presented us with the task of finding a stress-free way of  sharing our love and joy with them. We therefore decided to have two weddings, one with our family here in Germany and the other with our family in Uganda.

African inspired Invitation cards: these were made out of barkcloth, paper, sisal & and gold painted strips.Art work was done by my talented aunt and artist Theresa Musoke, while Donna & I then incorporated the european touch to them.
in our Atelier pimping up the invitation cards, afro-euro style :-)
air-drying enviromental friendly elephant parchment paper before glueing them into the bark cloth cards
the finished afro-euro custom made invitation cards(courtesy of Nakutana Atelier)

Wedding in Germany: Our wedding in Kaiserslautern was a small cosy afro meets euro celebration where we tried to incorporate some african trends into a european wedding. First at the civil registry office in Kaiserslautern and later at the champagne reception in restaurant “21” before we later on proceeded to the restaurant "Haus Hamann" for the main reception.
Lucy and Thomas`s cake topper (custom made by an artist friend)
The couple of the day (Lucy and Thomas Straubmüller)

The wedding planners (Donna & Jürgen )
"Yes I do", at the Civil Registry in Kaiserslautern...(Thomas could not stop admiring his ring)
you may now kiss the bride.....again and again and again :-)

African drums at the Champagne reception in “21”: One of the highlights of that day was our present from Donna & Jürgen who also happened to be our witnesses (trauzeugen). They secretly hired african drummers to drum at the champagne ceremony instead of the usual european music. In which case euro met afro in style.The idea of the drums was so much appreciated by our guests and ourselves that we spontaneously decided to dance to them,most of the guests also joined in the dance to the drums!!! 
Champagne Reception -The Grand Entrance to the beats of the Djembe african drums. It was so emotional.
Prost!!!! zum Wohl ( A toast to the bride and groom)
Afro beats meet Techno moves.....A perfect Afro-Euro blend :-)

Cutting out a Heart:  As the bride and groom are emerging newly married at Haus Hamann, our family & friends had prepared a sheet with a heart drawn on it.  The sheet was held in front of us so we had to cut the heart out in order to pass.  
mastering the first challenge together as husband and wife

Lucy symbolically walking into her new life 
Then in order to enhance the challenge, we were given the smallest pair of scissors possible to symbolize overcoming the first challenge in our new union. After cutting the heart out we walked through to the main reception. 

Photo Guestbook. In addition to signing the guestbook, our guests were asked to have their picture taken. Each portrait was later printed out and placed in the book and presented to the couple.

the guests
Compared to a typical african wedding, ours was a small and cosy one. Where the multicultural guests mingled freely with each other and some how found a way to celebrate in 3 different languages; german, english and french. 
more guests
guests at champagne reception

@main reception -the afro-euro, multilingual guests dancing the night away

to be out for part 3

from "Deutschland" with luv,

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