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Wow - factor!!.....Accessories.


My favorite Spring/Summer Accessories
My secret weapons for spring/summer 2012....... :-))


Do you ever wonder why certain girls get called "Fashionista" and they always seem to look good no matter what they wear? They might even have really simple outfits on...say a plain white T-shirt and blue jeans but yet it still comes off so stylish!! Well, well, you might think being a " Fashionista" has to do with having a large bank account that enables you to have an unlimited closet size or dressing up in the latest designer brand with a personal stylist at your disposal (like Paris Hilton or Kim Kardiasian). Well, then you are wrong dear  because in every woman lies a potential "Fashionista" just waiting to be awaken :-)).
You don´t need a closet full of designer items. Even in the most basic outfits you can also look a million dollar.  It is actually quite easy to be a well-dressed and stylish woman. The secret behind all these fabulous and stylish "Fashionista" lies in the art of accessorizing.  Yes, all you need to do is master this art :-)) The art of accessorizing is knowing how to take that cute but plain dress from nice to wow!!! Once you master the accessorizing game, you can say bye! bye to boring and plain Jane and welcome Miss Fashionista 2012 :-))

How to Accessorize....

Accessories are that touch of oomph every outfit needs. They are one of the secret weapons of a stylish woman :-) There are lots and lots of accessories out there....jewelry, belts ,hats, headbands, hair ornaments, scarves, handbags, sunglasses, shoes etc...

From Day time to ......
take that plain dress and transform it from Day time to.......

Accessorizing does help stretch your wardrobe and save you money too. You can easily wear one outfit (such as a dress) in a multitude of different ways and for a variety of occassions, by simply changing up a few accessories. When you are accessorizing an outfit you will want to pick out one or two main pieces that stand out. For example a chunky necklace and a matching cocktail ring or an oversize clutch with matching high heels.
The key to accessorizing is finding the right accesories that suit your lifestyle and most importantly your personality. Go for pieces you feel good wearing and remember don´t over do it...style is all about finding what works best for you and not what is necessarily in trend.

....Night time
to Night time......one dress, many possibilities.

My favorite spring/summer accessories

When it comes to staying stylish there are two types of people, the Trendsetters and the Style sheep. I would say Trendsetters are unique, creative and not afraid to go against the norms in the fashion world. They feel comfortable being different from main stream and as a result a new trend is born... and a Style sheep is happy and comfortable with just following main stream fashion. I see myself in the first category :-)) I love being different from the rest :-))
Style for me is not about the price tag on an item or about the designer label attached to it. Stylish for me is about finding items one loves, mix-matching them and creating something unique that represents ones personality. A stylish woman for me is a unique woman with a distinct personality. I personally choose accessories that represent my life style and my personality. Every item in my collection has a story to tell....and my most valued accessories are those with the most personal stories behind them.
My favorite accessories for spring/summer are:

Jewelry: This is the most basic of the accessories and also the most common way that women accessorize....earrings, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, etc
I love large earrings.  They are a great way to add more life to a plain outfit and also draw attention to your face :-) To have an overview of my favorite earrings, i created a DIY earring-holder from a simple net fabric and i have it hanging inside my closet door. This way i dont always have to go through drawers and drawers of earrings just to find the perfect colour for the day :-))

my DIY earring holder

I adore chunky and long necklaces too.  I have a long neck so i love accessorizing with layered necklaces. I used to throw my necklaces in a drawer and they would get all tangled up(annoying!!!)....so i came up with the idea to use a cloth hanger and drape them on there. It works ok but i read somewhere a men´s tie hangar works better (i will look into that)

my fav necklaces for spring/summer

I like bracelets, my favorite bracelets are my charm bracelets. I also have a few cuff like bracelets.... but i love my bangles more and i love them layed too. I like them bold, vibrant and colourful and i also love the natural wooden bangles.

i luv to layer bangles.

i luv charm bracelets too :-))

I also love statement rings....colourful, oversized cocktail rings, etc :-)

my DIY ring holder :-))

I have 3 signature jewelry pieces that I always wear. They are like my second skin, without them i feel kind of naked :-)) i never leave the house without them....my wedding ring, my promise ring and the wedding ring of my beloved mother. (These are my lucky charms)....Whenever I accessorize, I grab this 3 items first and then i make sure everythingelse is flattering together.

My most valued accessories....behind each piece is a great story.  My lucky charms :-))

Scarves:Scarves belong to my all time favorites.  They are great all year round. If it's winter or fall go for the thick ones but for spring/summer choose a thin one. If you would like to wear multiple scarves, choose long thin ones because they would look better together than chunky ones. you can even tie one onto your handbag strap to add a fresh summery look or even use them as belts.

i luv scarves

i cannot do without these 2.....the animal in me :-)) Guess who got them for me????.....yep!!! Lucy :-)))

Sunglasses: they are a must-have for every fashionista :-)) They are not only pretty cool but also very helpful in protecting your eyes. I am not so much into sunglasses but i must say, they are a life saver especially for those mornings you have no time for a quick makeup :-))

Belts: belts are a cute way of accessorizing yourself. They can give the illusion of a slimmer silhouette. Play around with different sizes and colours.

Handbags and Clutches: An eye-catching handbag or clutch can transform any plain, boring outfit into an absolute statement outfit in just a minute :-)) For spring/summer i love candy coloured bags.  Bright and vibrant coloured bags give an outfit (especially neutral outfits like black, white..)  an immediate pop of colour. Clutches are a great alternative to handbags especially if you don´t want a bulky bag during the day. Clutches are a must for those formal evenings out. It is good to have a few handbags and clutches you can pick from for different occasions.

i love my candy coloured bags :-))

Accessorizing is great and fun too but you have to keep in mind that sometimes wearing precisely the WRONG accessory can destroy your outfit. Wearing something tacky and childish or overdoing it will only make your outfit look awful, rather than dressing it up and giving it that extra touch of sophistication we all long for. So don't get TOO excited with accessorizing. Keep everything in moderation. While at it remember the best accessory any woman should possess is definately self confidence… no matter how many chunky necklaces you pile on or how many rings you put on, you won’t look good until you believe you do look good… :-)) Also remember it´s all about your personality and not your clothes. Shine on and have fun!!!!

Uniquely You!
From the very beginning you are being told to compare yourself with others. This is the greatest disease; it is like a cancer that goes on destroying your very soul because each individual is unique, and comparison is not possible. I am just myself and you are just yourself. There is nobody else in the world you can be compared with.
~ Osho

Stay cool as always until we meet again........

from "Deutschland" with luv,


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