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The Child in me..... :-))

"PuK".... The Museum of Puppet Culture in Bad Kreuznach

 The Museum of Puppet Theatre - "PuK" in Bad Kreuznach


This past weekend we decided to spring about in the not so warm and rainy spring. Out we sprung to the museum of puppet culture in Bad Kreuznach, a modern museum with a theatre and puppet workshop on the former manor of Bangert.

arrival in Bad Kreuznach....i was so excited like a little girl :-))

Bad Kreuznach has set up a new, modern museum with a theatre and puppet workshop on the 1500 m² former manor of Bangert. The Museum of puppet theater in Bad Kreuznach, also called "PuK" invites parents and children to explore. About 660 square meters of exhibition space are available to explore. Familes can explore and enjoy Puppet Theater Culture from around the world.  Visitors can not only admire the artistic puppet theatre ensemble, they can also experience it live at festivals and regular puppet shows. This art form in its own right has something to offer to every age group: both the depth of the literary material and the design of the puppets, not to mention the virtuosity of the puppetry, hold audiences at the museum of puppet theatre spellbound.
This unique exhibition brings the history of puppet theatre to life. Over 2500 beautifully crafted figures make up the impressive collection, which aims to give visitors an insight into the art of puppetry with groups of puppets, scenery and motifs. It also provides a wealth of information on the artists behind the theatre: the puppet makers, pupeteers and theatre makers.

 human size puppets acting as Pupeteers

The exhibition ranges from the travelling theatres of the 19th century to established puppet theatres and the television stars of the German puppet world Robbi, Tobbi, Bernd das Brot and Herr von Bödefeld. Visitors will discover a wealth of genres, characters and material for all ages. Alongside the permanent exhibition, the museum also has a series of temporary exhibitions for which it is now renowned.(source:Bad kreuznach tourism)

stars of the german puppet world ......

Robbi, Tobbi  und das Fliewatüt

Bernd das Brot (Bernd the bread)

During our visit there was a puppet show for children but our little one is too young to understand anything so we only stayed in the exhibition area. I must say though, seeing all these puppets and the playful atmosphere made me feel like i was a child all over again. It was a good feeling though to forget about the world outside for a while and just enjoy this fantasy world.:-))

The first puppets we saw at the entrance were the puppets for the L’opera dei Pupi (Sicilian Puppet theater) warriors.


and then the czech puppets

From then on it only got better, there is a range of travelling theatre puppets of the 19th & 20th century. We were also able to see how the Puppet theatre evolved from popular entertainment to the independent theatre genre as well as TV puppet theatre.

Below are some of the exhibits we saw .....

“Die Listige Barbara”- German marrionets 


Aladin’s cave

my personal highlight was this lady in blue....a true afro beauty don´t you think? :-))

There is also a private theater ,for those who like it private.

TV star Captain Blue Bear

encounter with a charming witch :-)

the child in me did come alive :-))

After our tour of the museum , we took a walk in the park .. the "Schloß Park" right next door to the museum. Unfortunately for us the weather was just not condusive for a walk...
All the same it was worth our while.

going for a walk in the "Schloß Park"......castle park.

Hope you did have fun with me and this also brought out the child in you :-) Stay cool as always until we meet again.

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