Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"All roads lead to Rome".......

a short trip into Roman times.


Hey, have you also noticed? The days are gradually getting longer and the birds are once again active? The colder and snowier the winter, the more we long for signs of spring :-).  I woke up this morning to the sound of the birds chirping away. To me all these are unmistakeable signs that spring is getting closer and closer with giant steps (i truely hope so :-))) When I hear the birds chirping it reminds me of a pleasant springtime season. It brings in blissful moments of peace and relaxtion and it always reminds me of the african morning with its beautiful sunrise...pleasantly warm and peaceful. What a great way to start off the day :-)

Main Gate into Saalburg Roman Fort - double ditches clearly visible. Since the entire outer wall stands in its original dimensions, one can get a good impression of the size of a Roman military fort.

With the forth-coming Spring nature slowly re-awakes to a new life and invites us to activities in the fresh air. For me it is time to celebrate the start of a new outdoor season. I love discovering nature and the outdoor activities around my environment. Since i am still a "newbie" in my home city, there is still alot left for me to discover. I cannot wait to finally put away these heavy coats and be off to more adventures :-)) 

the "outdoor season"  has begun!....are u ready? lets go!!!!

With the temperatures getting milder and milder, most of the outdoor activity centers are officially opening their doors again. Over the weekend i also officially started my outdoor program for the year 2012......i was once again out and about discovering :-). Today, i am going to share with you my first trip for this season. So its off to the "RÖMERKASTELL SAALBURG" (The Saalburg Roman Fort).

Porta Praetoria (Main Gate) of the roman fort Saalburg

Main Gate: Statue of Antoninus Pius and inscription. It commemorates that the German emperor Wilhelm II restored the roman fort..

In Roman times, the Saalburg fort kept watch over a section of the Limes in the Taunus hills.The Saalburg is the world’s only reconstructed Roman fort and archaeological museum. It is just next to the Limes World Heritage site, the ancient frontier between the Roman Empire and the Germanic tribal territories.
It was constructed about 90 CE, enlarged until about 210, and abandoned after 260. The fort’s garrison was made up of 500 to 600 soldiers – both infantry and cavalry.

The horreum (grain store) now houses the museum.

inside the archeological  museum

A bath house and guest house were located just outside the main gate. A village housing craftsmen, traders and tavern keepers adjoined the fort. The Roman road to Nida (today, Frankfurt-Heddernheim) was lined with graves and small shrines. It is likely that as many as 2,000 people lived here at one time.

remants of houses

Roman bath within the walls of fort Saalburg

Praetorium of the roman fort -(The Commanders Residence)
Principia of the Fort (The Assembly hall)

Interior of the assembly hall
internal courtyard of the principia
chillaxing..... :-)))

 The fort and village fell into disrepair when, due to increasingly strong Germanic incursions, the Limes was abandoned around AD 260. Today, the remains of the 550 km long frontier complex, which extend from the Rhine to the River Danube, comprise Europe’s largest ancient monument.

 Porta Decumana ....one of the main watch post

hide and seek with the romans ... :-)))

the Fort walls

The fort was rebuild between 1897 and 1907 to serve as open-air museum and research institute. In 2003, with the reconstruction of additional buildings, the first steps were taken toward the creation of an archaeological Park. In July 2005, the Limes (an with it, the Saalburg) joined the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. (source : Wikipedia and saalburgmuseum.de)

view from the walls....

 Not all buildings inside the fort have been reconstructed, instead leaving space for a park-like area with lawns and trees. 

quite interesting.... the tree swallowing the tablet:-))

It was quite an interesting, fun and historical day for me and i hope you all did enjoy going back in time with me :-) I wish you all a splendid week and until our paths cross again, stay cool as always :-))

bye bye.......see u hopefully soon on my next adventure :-)))

from "Deutschland" with luv,

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