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Spring inspiration

Spring/summer Jewelry Inspiration


The weather outside the last days has been quite awful. At this point I am very much ready for some brightness and warmth.  Itching for Spring??? I am in a very bad way, and needed a little bit of Spring design inspirations to take me to a brighter and warmer place :-))) To put me in this spring mood I have been going through my list of favorite spring inspirations.

During the christmas period and after our visit to the Frankfurt Christmas market, Lucy and I did visit a Mode Festival in Frankfurt called "Stilblüten". I love visiting such shows to get inspiration and to discover new and upcoming fashion statements and designers. This time around it was quite a success because I got to meet my "new favorite jewelry designer".

Through the years I have collected jewelry from different countries and my favorite pieces I got back in 2000 during my time in west africa (Ghana to be precised). I love the Adinkra symbols that are used culturally in Ghana, to represent different aspects of life, love and spirit. Its origin is traced to the Asante people of Ghana and the Gyaman people of Cote d`Ivoire(Ivory Coast). I was lucky back then to get some really great jewelry pieces representing some of these symbols. Since I moved to europe I have never seen any jewelry piece with such symbols again until last december at the Stilblüten Mode Festival.

Adinkra symbols,Its origin is traced to the Asante people of Ghana and the Gyaman people of Cote' d'lvoire (Ivory Coast).

I was walking and checking out the various items on display and suddenly a symbol caught my eye and I was like no way,  it was love at first sight. In front of me were some jewelry pieces with symbols just like I have seen only in west africa (Ghana). I had this instant connection with the pieces and somewhere inside it felt like going back in time. It brought back such beautiful memories of my time in Ghana. I couldn´t wait to see more of these and i was like hey!!! Lucy come over quick, check out these pieces, this symbol is definitely from Ghana :-))) This was my highlight of the fashion festival.

Today i will love to share with you the designer behind these heart-warming and amazing pieces. I really love the way she mixes both afro and euro ornaments to create such unique pieces and I am are very sure you readers will love her collection. Here collection goes under the name AFLE BIJOUX.
Below are pictures of some of her jewelry pieces I really love. These are styles that I will personally wear every day throughout spring and summer:-))). If you are looking into introducing accessories into your looks, and you love it vibrant, colourful and afro-euro like myself, then start with these statement pieces....
I can now see Spring in our very near future! Be inspired. Enjoy…xx

 From Côte d´Ivoire to the world....

Oukassa- the designer
A native from Côte d´Ivoire, West Africa, Oukassa, has founded Aflé Bijoux – Créations Akan to promote fine African jewelry. Inspired by her own akan culture, she creates contemporary jewelry by allying semi-precious stones to the traditional akan gold weights which have always been used in the confection of the akan women jewelry. Imported from Côte d´Ivoire, the akan gold weights are brass pieces deepened into gold water. They are produced by hand following an ancestral smelting technique. Their shape represents a spiral which symbolizes charisma and leadership for the Akan people. 

Jewelry from Aflé Bijoux – Créations Akan is a beautiful gift to offer. The pieces are handcrafted and unique. The designs are modern. The creations are elegant and women can perfectly wear them in the day or for an evening event.
Aflé Bijoux – Créations Akan presents four collections a year. The latest collection, Douceur d´Enfance, introduces beautiful bracelets for the little princesses. All the collections are available on Etsy at
Oukassa is a jurist. She holds a LL.M in International Humanitarian Law. She currently lives in Frankfurt am Main. She is married and has a son.

Here are my details:

Online shop: - I ship worlwide.

with the charming Oukassa of  "Afle Bijoux" at the Stilblüten Mode Festival
Lucy and the designer herself (Afle Bijoux)

Oukassa with one of her master pieces
AB Mookaite Necklace

AB Arlequin Ring

AB Australian Outback Jaspis Necklace

AB Dark Amethyst Necklace2

AB Earrings

OFFICIAL AB NEW Grande carte

AB Pink and Orange Carnelian Earrings

AB Purple Moonstone Bracelet

AB Rhyolite Necklace

AB Turquoise + Aquamarine Necklace 2

Hope this brought some spring feelings your way.  Wish you all a wonderful new week and stay cool until we meet again.

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