Wednesday, January 18, 2012

longing for warm and sunny days....

My beautiful and always sunny "Birth City" Limbe.


watching the sunset in Limbe(Victoria)...

I am sitting at my desk, staring at the window and outside i can see a bright blue sky and the sun is shining really bright today too....hhhhmm sounds just like a perfect day to get out and about right??? Yeah right!!! looks can be deceiving :-) Nevertheless, it is truely a picture perfect view but only through the window though......step one foot outside and bang!!! it is -3 Celsius /°C. Gosh!!! i cant stand this cold any longer. I really want the warmth of the sun and not just an illusion of a sunny day :-((((

this was the view i woke up to everyday....

i have this special & magical connection with the ocean

the power of these waves will be forever a part of my soul

moi at my last visit to Limbe.....

I know I might begin to sound like a broken record ..…with this wistful feeling deep in my soul wishing it was Spring already but honestly, I am not a winter person.   I love….no strike that…I live for color.  I love to see the world in bold and vibrant colours only. The greyness of winter with the liveless trees and withered plants is slowly driving me crazy.

Maybe something in me is trying to say move to a place without winter. But then again, i would miss the beauty in the changing of the seasons and in a strange way, i will also miss the cold and dreary winter.....aint that funny how the mind works?? :-)
I guess for today, i will settle for the illusion afterall. I will just sit back and "mind-travel" somewhere warm, sunny and bright. There is no better place for this like my beautiful, very colourful, always warm and sunny "Birth-City" in motherland...Africa!!! On dreary days like today, i would glady be back in africa.

remnants of a landing bridge from the german colonial  days

my world......i feel so alive when i see the ocean, i must have been a mermaid in my past life :-)))

I was born and grew up in a little coastal seaside city called Limbe.  Limbe is an OPEC city (organisation of petroleum exporting countries). The Atlantic port city of Limbe, formerly known as Victoria, is on the southwest coast of the Republic of Cameroon between West and Central Africa. The official language is English, although French is often spoken due to the city's geographic proximity to Douala, where the official language is French. Most of the population speaks Cameroonian Pidgin English. The native language of the region is Bakweri or Mokpwe. Limbe is located on a beautiful bay against the backdrop of a major mountain range(Mount Cameroon also called Mount Fako). Black sand beaches make Limbe one of two coastal towns that are popular among Western tourists. The Limbe Wildlife Centre and Limbe Botanical Gardens are also notable attractions.

Welcome to my Birth City

Mile 6 Beach ....i practically spent all my free time out here.......i was a real "beach girl" :-)

my old this house i spent the most beautiful years of my teenage life :-)

i luv my beach

checking out my former job.....i really miss my job as a "Ship Management Agent"
off to the farmer´s market to get some local groceries

along the way i could not resist getting some of this Sugar Cane :-))

got some fresh fruits too.....the red ones are local apples :-)))

my all time favorite local meal....called "Fufu & Eru".

Gorillas relaxing in the Limbe Zoo-Sanctuary

entrance into the Botanical Gardens.....i luv to go here to enjoy the nature all around

very old palms

path leading to the "Jungle Village"

Jungle open air theater were traditional festivals mostly take place.

an exotic experiment in the Botanic Garden Research Center.... locally called Star Fruit

my hubby in front of an amazing tree :-))

traditional festival in Jungle Village with dances from all over the country

a dance from the "Baka Pygmies" from the east province

a dance called "Asiko"

a colourful dance from the north-west province

a dance from the North province

Hope you all did enjoy my "mind-travel" and got to escape the cold cold weather outside even if only for a while.......Stay cool until we meet again.

click here for more photos of our adventures

From "Deutschland" with luv,


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