Friday, December 2, 2011

"Ladies Nite" in Cologne.....part 3 /3

dancing the nite away......


After a short walk from the restaurant we arrived Harry`s New York Cocktail Lounge/Bar. At this point we did not know what was awaiting us since it was our first time hanging out there. I just kept my fingers crossed and hoped it lives up to its very positive internet ratings. It was a very full-house as we walked in and what a pleasant surprise we had.....there was a live band playing some really good soul music. The atmosphere was great and the crowd quite pleasant :-) We made our way across to the bar to check out what they have to offer for Cocktails :-) We ordered our cocktails and we found a corner that could accomodate all 15 of us....then it was party time!!!!!

arrival at Harry`s New York Bar

Ladies corner :-)

The band playing that nite is called "Soulgeflüster" meaning  "Soul whisper". I wouldnt say they actually whispered :-) but damn they rocked the house. They played soul music from Michael Jackson to Usher and lots lots was just fantastic!!. Like I would say in german..."einfach eine geile Band". After the first cocktails, the ladies let down their hair and danced the night away..... :-)

it was a full-house with the live band "Soulgeflüster"

the lead singers of "Soulgeflüster"....they rocked da house :-))

the saxophonist of the band......boy was he goood!!!! :-)

the guitarist.......and Jackie E carried away by the sound of the was da bomb :-))

To have a feel of what the atmosphere was like that night with the live band "Soulgeflüster"....check it out in above video.

It was a great and fun night, lots of laughter, lots of dance moves :-) .....the cocktails were flowing and the ladies were rocking :-)......the ladies literally put the house on fire. Our energy and presence could be felt all across the bar :-)))

let the party begin.....the cocktails have arrived :-)))
who says cocktails can´t be virgin "Evergreen" :-))))
cocktails were flowing..........

and the ladies were rocking :-))

burning down the house :-)))

Lucy D, showing her Michael Jackson moves....who´s bad ?? uuuuhhhh!!!! :-)))

rocking the dance floor......

Somewhere after midnight we had someone from the management team approach us to show appreciation for our presence and also for bringing so much vibrant energy in the house. We got a round of drinks(tots) on the house and a very deliciously chocolate cheese cake. That was one sinfully delicious choco-cheese cake and I couldn´t resist having a very large piece :-))
I guess it is impossible not to notice when 15 very energetic and charming afro ladies invade your house :-)) We even got a special from the DJ too.... he played real african music(Koffie Olumide) for us :-) Wow, that was a lovely surprise indeed. A big thank you to the Management Team, this is what I call excellent customer service. Then it was dance dance dance dance until the wee hours of dawn.

thanks Management for your excellent customer service

the sinfully delicious choco-cheese cake......couldn´t resist a big piece :-))

Somewhere around 3:00 am, it was time to kiss the ladies goodbye.....then it was off into a taxi and back to the hotel. Wow, what a night!!! Despite it being such a long long day, I was surprisingly still quite fit. Maybe it had something to do with the healthy virgin "Evergreen" cocktail I drank all night :-))) So Lucy and I chatted for a while and made one last toast to a great and successful day with the ladies. Then it was off to dreamland...... :-)

one last toast to a great night
cheers !!!! and goodnite.........

We had a really good night rest and I was up round 9:00 am quite relaxed and ready for a new day.  So 11:00 am we checked out of the hotel and it was off to the train station to catch our train. At 12 :15 pm it was bye bye Cologne. Sitting in the train I was excited to be going back home to my love ones. It was only one night but I did miss them and could not wait to tell hubby all about our "Ladies nite".

Lucy checking us out.........

me quite fit & relaxed despite the long long night :-)))

arrival of the ICE train (Inter-city express)

time to say goodbye......:-)

bye! bye! Cologne.....we will be back for sure :-))

 Hope you all did have fun with us in Cologne. Wish you all a wonderful weekend and a happy "Adventszeit". Stay cool as always until we meet again.

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  1. Oh my, that Evergreen drink looked delicious. This looks like a whole lot of fun. I must visit Germany one day!


  2. thanks Sophia for stopping by and yes you should visit Germany. It is beautiful out here. Hey, I checked out your blog and I love it. I am now a follower.