Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas in the City......

Welcome to the Famous Frankfurt Christmas Market

check out the atmosphere at night at this beautiful market ....
(click the above video and enjoy :-))


I have always loved Christmas, it’s the time most people are at their best … the time when we make up with those we’ve had grudges with for a long time or the time we get to hear from family & friends we were too busy to stay in touch with by sending xmas cards... even the beasts are loving and the snakes have no poison in their fangs!
There is a positive spirit all around us which brings out the best in us! And that’s just one of the reasons i love Christmas.

Have you ever wondered why most charities make the highest “earnings” in the holiday season? Well..... its christmas & christmas is all about giving ....
I should tell you one of my secrets, if you wanna get into a christmas spirit, visit a Christmas market, and, if you’re lucky & visit an authentic & beautiful one, you will get into this christmasy feeling that you might just find yourself smiling at everyone & singing x-mas carols to no one in particular!

Do not even dare blame it on the mulled wine(Glühwein) because some of the loudest people at these markets haven’t even had a drop :-))
My best Christmas market this year was the Frankfurt Christmas market. This is one of the biggest markets in Germany with over 200 stalls ... Donna will tell you all about it ...
Over to you Donna ...

Lucy at the "Karoussel"
could not resist :and they smell so good too :-))))

checking out santa´s workshop :-)

luv you too partner :-)))


The days, hours, minutes and seconds are flying by but there's still time to write a letter to Santa Claus or see if you've been naughty or nice ! What are you waiting for get up and get going!!!! Let´s count together...from my location as I write it is only 4 sleeps, 7 hours, 47 minutes and 13 seconds to christmas day......and  yes, I am back just like promised with my last Christmas Market Tour for the year 2011. Today we are off to the Frankfurt Christmas Market and the great thing about a big city market is one can also do some serious last minute christmas shopping :-))) There is no better person to go on such a tour with than my darling "partner-in-shopping)" Lucy:-)))))

there we are.....Donna & Lucy :-)))
This year we decided to start off quite early because it can get very crowded at the market and we wanted to have some space and also time to check out the stalls and not get runned down by the sea of people:-) So if you are like us and you love to check out every stall without rushing, then always go in the morning hours when the market just open its doors. There was alot to see and the atmosphere was just perfect like Lucy said "you immediately get this christmasy feeling and you find yourself smiling at everyone and practically humming along a christmas carol"...:-) Yes, the atmosphere is just right if you want to get into the christmas mood. We spent some hours there and then we moved on to check out a yearly Mode & Fashion market(but more about the Mode & Fashion market when next we return).

Donna checking out the candle stalls

There has been a Christmas market in Frankfurt for over 600 years. Full of history and traditions the Frankfurt Christmas Market is one of Germany’s oldest and most popular Christmas markets in Europe.
As soon as you catch your first glimpse of the Frankfurt Christmas Market you will not be able to resist all the beautiful temptations.
Take a stroll across the market and you will enjoy a wonderful aroma of baked apples, roasted nuts, gingerbread and mulled wine - quite a contrast to the ever-present Frankfurt Skyline in the background!
Its scenery of beautifully decorated stalls, the historical backdrop of the Römerberg market place, St Paul’s church and the gigantic Christmas tree all contribute to an unforgetable experience. 

the wonderful aroma of baked apples, chocolate & gingerbread......hhhhhmmmm!!! :-))

the historical backdrop of the Römerberg market place
the gigantic Christmas tree

The Frankfurt Christmas Market takes place on the Römerberg square, Paulsplatz and Mainkai quay, 200 stalls offer arts, crafts and seasonal food and drink. A wide range of entertainment around the 30-metre high Christmas tree includes concerts, trumpet fanfares from the balcony of St. Nicholas's Church and the church carillon. You can discover the inside secrets and hidden delights of Frankfurt's Christmas market on a guided themed tour around glühwein, seasonal stories and delicious baked goods. 

no christmas market without "Glühwein" (mulled wine)

Lucy checking out an interesting looking  "Glühwein" stall

don´t blame it on the "Glühwein".....this one is non-alcoholic :-)
Merry Christmas!!!.....

........and A Happy New Year 2012 !!!!

I hope you all did have a wonderful time with us and at this point I want to wish all our readers a wonderful holiday seasons and thanks for following our adventures. We wish and look forward to seeing  you all again in the new year 2012. A prosperous & happy NEW YEAR to you all........we will see you all again when we return after the holidays and celebrations. Stay cool as always....:-))

A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!!!!!

click here for more photos of our day

from "Deutschland" with luv,

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